Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Date Night :)

   Chris and I very rarely go out together. We've come a long way from eating out every day and seeing movies every weekend, the way we were when we first started dating. I just usually feel like going on dates is a waste of money, because why pay $50 for a meal and $20 for movie tickets when you could just stay home, cook, and get a movie from the Redbox for $1? But in any case, we both felt like we needed to get out last night.  We ate hibachi at Umi, which was absolutely delicious and absolutely not diet-friendly. Then we went to the movies and saw Just Go With It, which I found to be the most boring movie I've seen in an incredibly long time. It was two hours long, and as hard as they were trying to be funny, it just wasn't working. However, someone should have told this to the 15 year old behind us layed out across her boyfriend's lap who cackled and made sound effects to every single thing that happened. I really think I may have liked the movie more if it weren't for her. Chris can ignore things like this, however I just started mimicking her about 3/4 of the way through the movie so maybe she'd get the hint and stop. I know, I'm so mature, right?

   So, I'm about to make breakfast and then start exercising. I must admit I've been in an exercise slump lately, I think it's because I'm getting bored with doing the same things every day. I love weights, but I hate cardio. So I'm trying to come up with different cardio ideas that don't involve dance videos that make me feel like an idiot (ahem, Zumba). But in any case, I used up pretty much my entire Points allowance for the week yesterday (you get a certain amount of points for the day, and then a certain amount extra for the week if you want to splurge). Well, I splurged, so today I must pay for it :)

Have a great day!

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