Monday, February 28, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Dieter

   Last week was a diet fail.  I worked most days at the store and babysat, so I wasn't at home to make very smart eating choices. I ate out more than I should have, didn't drink enough water, didn't exercise. Needless to say I feel pretty crappy today. However, today was the weigh-in and apparently I lost 1.6 pounds. I don't really believe this because there's no way it's possible, but the scale is new so I don't know what the problem could be.  I refuse to believe that I lost weight making REALLY bad choices last week.  In any case, I AM back on plan this week! I feel so much better when I'm tracking my food and exercising, I'm ready to get that back. I definitely notice a difference when Ive been eating healthy and suddenly start eating junk (Taco Bell yesterday, I am shamed). I only wish I enjoyed working out, because I still don't. I hate every single minute of it. I thought it might become a habit, but I think I dread it more after all this time. In any case, I'm going to keep going because it does make me feel better.

I hope ya'll have a good week, I'm hoping to hear from a job I interviewed for around Wednesday.. fingers crossed!

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