Monday, January 31, 2011

3 pounds down!

    I joined WeightWatchers on Friday. I decided that it was crucial that I try something different, because dieting on my own does not work. Ever. If I'm doing it alone, then I feel guilty about every single thing that I eat, even when it's healthy. If I grab an apple or a banana, I'm constantly wondering if I really need that. The great thing about WeightWatchers is that I can eat whatever I want to. As long as I keep under my points then I'm good. Fresh fruits and vegetables are 0 points, so when I'm in between meals and getting a little hungry, I can grab an apple and I'm good. If I decide that I want to splurge and grab some chocolate (I haven't yet, but believe me I will) then as long as I'm willing to sacrifice the 5 or 6 points, I can have it. In addition to your daily Points allowance, you also have an additional 40 or so points that you are allowed to use during the week if you want to splurge on something. Again, this is great because usually when I dieted and I splurged one meal, I never started dieting again because I felt like I had ruined it all.

   I am also happy to announce that I went to the gym yesterday and worked out while two other people were there, and one was the personal trainer. Yay for letting go of the social phobia :) While I didn't utilize his services, I did kick my own butt on the treadmill and boy am I feeling it this morning. I did a combination of walking and running, hopefully before too long I'll be able to just run.

   My WeightWatchers weigh-in is every Monday. So even though I haven't been doing this very long, I jumped on the scale when I got up this morning, and was down 3.2 pounds from Friday. Now, I realize that this is probably because A) I weighed at night time on Friday, and in the morning this time and B) It's probably just water weight, which fluctuates anyway. But at the same time I also know that 1) I don't care what the circumstances are, the number was lower, I'm happy and 2)Seeing the number go down makes me want to go back to the gym. Here's to hoping next Monday's weigh-in will rock!

  By the way, don't lay in the tanning bed for 15 minutes when you're really pale. Just don't do it.

Current Inspiration:

I want thisssssssss!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Needed: Lifestyle Change.

  First, a little backstory. There once was a Princess named Lauren :) Lauren had never been thin, but was at a healthy weight and was fairly comfortable with her body image. One ordinary night, eighteen-year-old Lauren was waitressing at Murphy's Diner.. All of the sudden, in came a knight in shining armor wearing a polo and a baseball hat, and he sat in her section. Little did she know that the knight had actually came to the diner to flirt with another girl that worked there. Long story short, they didn't work out :). He and Lauren started dating. Having just moved out on his own, the handsome knight did not cook and ate out every single night. Who went along? She did, of course. It wasn't long until all of the nights of Los Encinos, The Grill, Traceway, and Sonic began to become apparent on her waistline. Very apparent. Thankfully, she didn't hold it against him, and they got married---and then she discovered a love for cooking. Add on more pounds to already overweight Lauren, and this is where we are today.

  When I picture summer, I think of getting to go out in comfy Nike shorts (my addiction), a tshirt, and flip flops. Of course, the Lauren in my head is about 50 pounds lighter with a killer tan. The in-real-life Lauren is overweight and could give Edward Cullen's complexion a run for it's money. I am ashamed to say that my husband and I are both members of a gym, which we pay $54 a month for, and I don't think we've been in three weeks. Considering we've only been members for about four weeks, this is sad.  I of course have an excellent excuse. I hate working out around people. I really, really do. I figured out that if I went at around 9 AM, everyone is at work and therefore the gym is empty. The problem with this is that since I do online classes and I don't work outside the home, I often stay up till 3 AM. There is no chance of me getting up to go work out at 9 the next morning. (I know, I know, this has to change). The gym is staffed from around 12-7. There is a personal trainer there for a few hours, and I just know I would be mortified to work out while somebody in excellent physical shape watched me. Irrational? Absolutely. However, in order to get to the nike short-clad versin of myself I keep picturing in my head, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go.

   I am also not a good dieter. Well, I am for about a week. What causes me to fail every single time is the fact that when I'm dieting I am constantly focusing on what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, how often I'm getting hungry. I think about food way more when I'm trying to control my appetite than I ever would otherwise, and I get sick of it. I get tired of counting calories, wondering what I'm going to eat next that won't sabotage my diet. If I try to write down everything that I eat like some people recommend, I get sick of that too. What is a girl to do?! I need a lifestyle change, and I need to start now. I want to be at a healthy weight, and I want to be about to wear cute clothes and not see an "XL" on the tag.

The current inspiration:

I want this dress! And I want to look good in it. I love dresses, so they are going to serve as my inspiration :)

  While I did not start this blog to be a weight loss blog, I hope it can help me hold myself accountable. I know I'm not going to be able to do this without support, so if anyone has any advice, success stories, constructive criticism.. feel free to comment :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Proverbs 31:10-12

"An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life."

    I am completely in love with my husband today. He hasn't done anything special or out of the ordinary; as a matter of fact all he has done is come home, sleep, wake up to eat breakfast, and go back to bed. But somehow I'm reminded at how incredibly lucky I am to get to be married to this guy! He puts up with me, and I assure you that's no easy task. I'm sure you won't believe it, but I can be moody, grumpy, pessimistic, and I can through a hissy fit like you've never seen. But he loves me! I can't tell you how thankful I am that he actually kept me around long enough to marry me. I know we got married young, much to the dismay of my family, but I don't regret it. It hasn't been easy, it's been really hard. It is absolutely amazing that we have come this far.
    God has blessed us so much these past seven months. Chris has gotten a new job with almost triple the salary of his last job. I got a new car! I got to quit a horrible job at Chili's to stay at home and focus on school. We are moving to a house, that belongs to my in-laws, in a couple of months that we get to live in rent free. We are blessed! But sometimes I forget about that when I'm wondering how a bill is going to get paid, or when I'm mad that we can't go out on dates to the movies and eat in fancy restaurants all the time. But so far, every bill has always gotten paid (by the grace of God) and who cares if we can't go on dates every weekend? Renting a movie for $1 from the Redbox and watching it with Chris sounds like a good time to me.
    I feel older than twenty years old. When other girls my age are talking about going to parties and clubs, I think about how I never had that lifestyle. The thing is, I'm completely fine with that. I wouldn't change a thing :)